HYPER TRADE SRL is a trading company delivering goods and services to public entities and private companies, within the framework of contracts arising from projects financed by the major Multilateral Lending Agencies.

HYPER TRADE SRL also provides project cycle management for the implementation of contracts and business development related to the process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets.

HYPE TRADE SRL shares the following fundamental points representing the strength of the approach:

  • Absolute priority of project success: success is related to the quality of the services distributed; profit is a consequence of this.
  • Participatory Method: the involvement of all players in the performance of the projects diminishes the risk of failure.
  • Realism and Pragmatism: problems are faced straight without hiding or minimizing them, we aim to real efficiency and not to a selling appearance.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: each project has its own specific context. It is necessary to be ready to adapt and respond in an evolutionary manner, opening up the experience.
  • Sharing Information: documentation and availability of the collected elements are central to success.
  • Humanity, Credibility and Honesty: never forget the purpose of the development assistance.